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    Meet our latest inspirational ‘Woman Like You’ Jodie Cook of JC Social Media.

    Jodie Cook in her own words…

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    I am MD of JC Social Media, a social media agency based in Birmingham. I also cofounded Clever Tykes children’s storybooks.

    What was your first job?

    My first job was in a Zizzi restaurant when I was 16. It taught me how to multi-task and deal with customers and complaints from an early age. I’d recommend a few shifts in a restaurant to anyone wanting to learn how to cope under pressure!

    When did you know that you wanted to run your own business?

    During university I thought I might want to run by own business but I wasn’t sure exactly what I could set up. I didn’t set out running my own business for the sake of running my own business, it was because I loved social media marketing and wanted to turn it into something that I could do and manage.

    Were there any barriers you faced – particularly as a woman?

    At first my main barrier was lack of experience, but I found that enthusiasm and confidence got round that! After I had my first few clients I could speak to prospects about success achieved with them, which made picking up new clients easier, and it’s just grown from there!

    Why did you set up JC Social Media?

    I saw a huge potential for businesses using social media, and in 2011 there weren’t that many other companies doing it! Now we’ve helped over 500 companies utilise social media platforms, and many of our tips and tricks are in my book, #Winning at Social Media, now on Amazon!

    What has been your most memorable moment?

    My most memorable moment to date was visiting 10 Downing Street to talk about enterprise with Lord Young, and getting a photo in front of that famous door (which was difficult as it’s constantly opening and closing!) It’s such a famous door where very important decisions have been made so I felt very lucky to be going through it!

    What would your top tip be for women starting out in business?

    My top tip for women starting out in business is to constantly THINK! Think about your customers, think about how you are portraying yourself in how you speak, write emails, and market yourself. Think about your business plan and keep reassessing it based on what is working and what isn’t. Some of the best business people I know have a real sense of self-awareness and it comes through in their carefully considered (and successful) enterprises.

    What would you most like to change in the world?

    I would like self-employment to be a viable option for anyone who wants to do it, which is why I cofounded Clever Tykes – a series of children’s books that introduce children to positive entrepreneurial role models, to encourage resourceful and positive behaviour and develop enterprising skills.

    What do you do to relax?

    I’m a keen powerlifter and getting down the gym to lift some weights helps me relax, big time! I try to push myself physically to get stronger and fitter, and I’m definitely not someone who can sit still for any length of time!

    Website: www.jcsocialmedia.com
    Twitter www.twitter.com/cookiewhirls








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