• Positive Impacts of Hot Desking at The Women’s Hub

    Hot desking is fast becoming the next big thing as it allows you to work from professional settings when you need and it removes the repetitive routine of having the same desk.
    Below is a testimonial from one of our hot desking members who is setting up her Life Coaching business.Watch Asmah Bibi testimonial below on her experience of hot desking at the Women’s Hub.


    1.       Networking. Hot desking provides you with the opportunity to meet new people each visit, to build up on your professional contacts while you work.
    2.       Collaborative working Sharing a workspace with other professionals gives you access to gain free business advice from other members.
    3.       Productivity.  Working with other people can increase your productivity levels.
    4.       Registered Business Address. Having a registered address and location for your business where you can meet potential clients can be crucial for new businesses.
    5.       With no long term contracts, Hot desking enables you to rent desk space by the hour or day.
    6.       Affordable. With freelancers, small and new businesses looking for that affordable solution to getting into a professional office space, hot desking is ideal.


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