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    Director of Profile Prospecting Riffaat Ashraf-Powell sat down with us this week and gave us an insight into why she decided to start up a business.

    How long has Profile Prospecting been running?
    Riffaat: I became Director of Profile Prospecting 2014 after working for numerous companies.

    When did you decide starting up your business was for you?
    Riffaat: I’ve always wanted to start up my own business. Being in and out of self-employment throughout my working career I feel that the sky is the limit, you aren’t restricted. I’ve always had a business mind and knew that I would always go back to being my own boss.

    Do you wish you had started earlier?
    Riffaat: Yes I wish I had  gone out on my own sooner than I did.

    What has been the most challenging aspect of starting up your business?
    Riffaat: Growth. In terms of funding and for any self-employed person the fear of the unknown can be very daunting. When things don’t go right do you just stress about it or keep going. Finding the ideal location for your  can also be a challenge.

    Knowing what you know now, if you went back would you change anything about how you started up?
    Riffaat: I would have been a lot more focused and driven towards the growth of the business. I would have put procedures for staff in place sooner so that staff knew what their daily routines were and what the expectations of the business was from the start. I think I needed to be more challenging within my role and drive the business forward as business development does not happen on its own.

    What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting up a business.
    Riffaat: Do it. If you don’t do something about that idea in your mind you will spend the rest of your life wishing you had. If you have a positive mindset are driven and have a good idea go for it. Life’s too short.

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